VA… stands for “Virtual Assistant”… sometimes…

Business vocabulary A-Z:

I had a heck of a time when it came to naming my business – or at least finding the right URL. I chose the current one for a simple reason: A while ago, before I had decided to go into business as a virtual assistant, I had thought about opening up a blog (as a writer) to solely write about business and assistant topics (talking about assistance, assistants talk… >> assistanttalk). I had reserved a URL for that, but had never really put it to use. So I basically recycled the URL for this purpose, now that I actually do have a good reason to start that “assistant” blog, the emphasis now being on VIRTUAL assistant, commonly abbreviated “VA”… because that does mean “Virtual Assistant”, right? Everybody knows, right?


CurrentIy, I am feeling as if I could write a whole book on the problems of naming your business (different meaning of words and abbreviations in different context). But instead, I would like to simply mention this little snippet:


In the USA, this is (among others) a common abbreviation for “Veterans Administration“, not to mention some other disambiguations. So, when I told my friend (USA) that I was branching out as a “VA”, the reaction was a confused… “Huh?”


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