Something with Images – or: What is the Difference between Pinterest and Instagram?

When it comes to the finer points of social media and how to use it best for the promotion of one’s business… well, it can be a real jungle out there.

For example, I have been thinking for the longest time that pinterest and instagram was not something I might actively participate in, since I am not a model or crafter or great photographer or fashion blogger… but as it turns out, I was not exactly correct in my assessment.

As they say “a picture says more than a thousand words” – and if you combine your picture with a few well-chosen words, it can be a powerful promotion tool (as not only the advertising industry knows).

Also, social media management is part of the service portfolio of many (Virtual) Assistants – therefore it makes sense to get familiar with what is being offered out there (beyond FB and LinkedIn).

So, what is the difference between Pinterest and Instagram – beyond both being more (or less) picture-based?

The following post might give a good overview:


What’s the Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram? And 9 More Instagram FAQs

And, by the way: I am just starting out on Pinterest!